5 Minute Updo Tutorial

Here’s what you need for this updo tutorial:
1. Stretched hair
2. Moisturizer for your edges and nape
3. Bobby pins
4. Bristle brush




With stretched hair, brush or finger comb from the nape to the top-middle of your head.


Collect hair from the back and sides and secure at the top middle of the head with bobby pins. You may have to use several, depending on how long and or thick your hair is.


Continue finger combing hair from your sides and or back (whatever is still loose) and pin at the top. Any excess hair should be sticking up. You’ll want to secure it into a bun. The front of the hair should still be loose and hanging.


Once the hair at the top of the head is in a bun and secured, make a pompadour with the loose hair in the front. Depending on the length of your hair, your pompadour may have a different look. Feel free to experiment with slanting the pompadour to the side or securing it with hair accessories such as a headband or flower.


Even once all of the hair is pinned, you may have certain sections that you’ll want to make neater or more secure. Take this time to add any additional bobby pins to make these adjustments.


Updo complete! Enjoy this quick, sophisticated and simple updo. Its a great style to wear any season and to any event. Dress it up with evening wear, or rock it casual with jeans.

Happy updo-ing!

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