5 Signs That You’ve Been Wearing a Puff for Too Long


My favorite style ever is the puff. If at all possible, I would wear it everyday. Of my life. At the same time, the puff can cause issues such as breakage, knots and tangles when worn too frequently. Here are 5 sure ways to tell if you have been wearing your puff for too long.


If you start to notice miscellaneous fairy knots throughout your hair, then it may be time to try a different style. Wearing natural hair loose for an extended period of time can cause coiled ends to intertwine with one another creating knots and tangles.


Wearing hair loose can also expose the entire strand to moisture in the air. One sure reason that it may be time to switch up your style is if you start to notice excessive shrinkage which can and will lead to knots and tangles. Braiding your hair up at night may help to reduce shrinkage but shrinking is ultimately unavoidable.



When taking your puff down at night, you should be able to loosen it with slight manipulation (using your fingers). If your hair has molded to the shape of your puff, then it may be time to choose another style.



Pay close attention to your edges and the area that is captured with your band/pantyhose/etc. Tension will always cause stress that can lead to breakage. If you start to notice shorter sections of hair around your edges, then the tension of wearing your hair in a puff may be causing your hair to break.


What is rebellion? When your hair won’t do anything else! When you take your puff down at night, place it in large braids. This will help to keep hair detangled and stretched. From one day to the next, you should be able to switch up styles with no issues. If you find that you are unable to wear your hair down in between wearing puffs, then you may have been wearing your puff for too long.