Adding Limes to Your Natural Hair Regimen

One fruit I can say that I don’t eat everyday are limes. Actually, I don’t even hear most people mention anything about this fruit. Somewhere in my life, I’ve classified them in the “cousins to lemons” category and have thought nothing else of them. To my surprise, I found that they are actually beneficial when it comes to a healthy hair care regimen. I love researching fruits and veggies because most treatment for the things we need, comes from them, naturally. Here are a few really good reasons why you should consider incorporating more and more limes:

Lime juice has oil absorbing properties. Adding limes to your regimen will help to rid your scalp of excess oil and product build-up. You can add 1-2 tablespoons of lime juice in water and rinse your hair prior to shampooing to help with the cleaning process. Often times, our shampooing takes a few wash and rinse cycles to get a good lather due to dirt and build-up. This set will help the process along.

Limes work great as an all natural conditioner. They have strong antiseptic properties (preventing or arresting the growth of microorganisms) and help to keep the scalp healthy.

When washing your hair, add a teaspoon of fresh lime juice to the final rinse. This step will help to prevent and combat dandruff.

Lime juice is also beneficial in promoting hair growth. Limes have been used to treat baldness, hair thinning and hair loss. Limes are full of vitamin C which enable this super fruit to be awesome.

Comment below if you’ve used limes in your regimen. We’d love to hear recipes and how you’ve used them!