Afro Puff Comparison


I happened to be one of “those people” that get a little motivated when I can physically see progress. Not to say that if I am not seeing results, I’m not happy, its just a little more…exciting? I guess?


I happened to be bored last night. After a long day, I came home and needed to do something with my wool. I had worn it in a huge puff earlier because it was being resistant to a tam-er style. My hair tangles SO badly that I CANNOT leave it loose for too long without tangles and knots appearing everywhere. I decided that I would put two french braids in it and wear it neatly tucked away for about a week.

Wrong. Fail. Disaster. *insert more ugly words here*

It took me TWENTY MINUTES to add a part down the center of my head. On top of that…MY HAIR WAS ACTUALLY DETANGLED!

Who does that?!

I can remember going to the salon when I was relaxed and the stylists threatening to charge me extra because my hair tangled so badly after a wash & condition.

Ok, so anyhow…I realized no french braids for me. But since we had the part accomplished, lets play around in it! I decided to put my hair in afro puffs, which I love, BTW. I was so shocked and amazed at how much my hair had grown! I decided to dig and find an older pic of me to compare. The comparison pics gave me a slight smug. So happy to see this tangled forest grow! I took a front and sideview pic. The sideview pic absolutely astonished me. Is it wrong to say that your own hair is gorg? I may as well. I spend every other word fussing at it for its lack of cooperation.

Do you often compare your hair pics to track your growth?