Conversations with Rimmy: My Natural Hair Journey


If you read my last post “Heat Damage is Real”, then this would be the prelude. If you haven’t read it, I would encourage you to check it out! I spoke with natural hair Stylist Rimmy Sparkles of Columbus, Ohio and we discussed the taboo topic of heat damage.

I also ranted and raved about how awesome Rimmy is and her love for the artistry of natural hair. While it was only my initial intent to speak with her about heat damage, we couldn’t help but discuss a wide array of subjects regarding natural hair. Rimmy shared with me how passionate she is about educating naturals and how being a hair stylist, for her, was more than just a profession. She also shared with me her own story of her natural hair journey.

In my conversation with Rimmy, also being a fellow natural, she talked about her journey. I wanted to write about what she shared because I know that there are many naturals out there who have experienced what she went through. *raises hand* Especially those who did the big chop and didn’t transition. Its a totally a horse of another color when you shave your hair down to the crown and have to regrow it all out again.

Here is what she said:

Am I pretty? Do I look like a boy? I didn’t want to be in anybody’s picture. I hated the process so much. When my hair started to grow, I got excited and I got a relaxer after 6 months. After a year, I over processed my hair so much, I had to start over. The 2nd time, I embraced it. We forget to follow the baby steps. How can you love your hair if you didn’t embrace the journey? Every time I have shaved my hair, it’s been a different journey and different experience. How can I teach you to grow your hair and love your hair when I don’t even love mine? When I haven’t gone through the process with you. How can I teach you to be patient if I haven’t been with mine?

I don’t know about you but, this really blessed my soul LOL! I did the big chop back in 2007 and let me tell you…it was NO walk in the park. I had to redefine beauty for myself all over again! I didn’t realize how much of my confidence and identity I had tied up in my hair. Chopping it all off, I had to again face low self esteem, feeling like a tall-boney boy, hair texture hatred, feeling like I wasn’t attractive to any man. UGH! So, thank you Rimmy for sharing what you endured at the early stages of your natural hair journey. I am willing to bet that you have spoken to the heart of a fellow natural somewhere, who is dealing with some of the same things.

Embrace the journey!