Dear Summer #3- Harem Pants

About a year ago, with the help of my pal Jai, I made my first pair of harem pants. Might I add that we didn’t use a pattern? *POW*

I love harem pants. They are versatile and there are many variations of them. You can bum them out, with a tank and sneakers or you can doll them up with a pair of heels, a cami and a cute jacket.

Harem Pants

I also love that you can wear harem pants year ’round. I’ve paired these babies with rider boots, leg warmers, you name it. I’ll probably be making more of them. They were super easy and you can use a myriad of materials to create different looks.

dear summer

If you like harem pants but are unsure of how to wear them, here’s a simple look that I put together. Sometimes, when I purchase an item that I like, it takes me a few tries to get comfortable enough to experiment and mix and match the item with other patterns/accessories in my wardrobe. I usually start off being extra mitchy-matchy and then I get the guts to branch out. Stay tuned for more of my favorite pieces in the Dear Summer Collection.