Detangling Your Hair

I have been natural for over 5 years. In this time, I think the most trying task has been to learn how to detangle my hair.

I used to love and “live by the puff.” That was my staple style and no one could tell me any different. No wonder why I spend hours upon hours removing knots and tangles from my hair.

I have learned that anytime that you leave your ends exposed, and allow them to coil upon one another, it promotes knots and tangles. Now, this is not to say that you can never wear your hair out but, there are a few minor maintenance tricks that I have learned along the way to help prevent those nasty knots.

  1. Moisturize that mane! Never let your hair get dry and brittle. Moisturization provides slip and makes the hair easier to manage. #truth
  2. Take the time to set your hair at night. Whether this is in several fat 2 strand twists or braids, keeping your hair from becoming matted while sleeping has proven to be a gem! And let’s not forget, it provides texture for twist/braid outs too!
  3. Satin pillow cases are our friends. This is probably, single handedly, the best investment that I’ve made. I had a satin bonnet once and I noticed something. On the back of my head there was a bald spot. Oh no! I had been natural for a whole year and lost a huge patch of hair in the back of my head. I tried all kinds of growth serums, while continuing to use my trusty satin bonnet. Nothing worked. I even went to the doctor. I just KNEW that I had alopecia. Good news! No alopecia but the doctor did suggest that I convert to a satin pillow case instead of the bonnet. Turns out that the edge of the bonnet against my hair (which was the side I slept on) was causing friction with my cotton pillow case. This caused the breakage! I switched over, and my hair grew back as normal. I have sense been using a satin pillow case (for the past 4 years) and no more breakage for me!
  4. ONLY detangle under running water with conditioner (and a WIDE TOOTH COMB) on hair. Can I say that this is a God-send? Incorporating all of the above steps in addition to detangling under warm water has not only saved me time but, it has given me peace of mind! My current length is about 4 inches above my waist and I have been able to cut my wash and set time down to about 2 hours! It used to take me all day! Hence the term “wash day.” No more of those!

I hope this helps with your detangling woes! Write me and let me know if you have discovered a regimen that you’d like to share on the MILK + HONEY blog.

Happy detangling!