DIY: Berry Foot Scrub

Because pampering should be simple! There are so many great benefits to using cranberry seeds and blueberry seeds. So. Many! They are great exfoliators packed with vitamins A, C and E. They are excellent anti-oxidant and have tons of rejuvenating properties. Here’s how you can use them for soft, smooth and supple skin.

This is all you’ll need:

1oz of cranberry seeds

1oz of blueberry seeds

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of your favorite oil (I’d recommend using aloe oil because of its healing properties)

medium-large container of warm water


Use a plastic or glass jar for storage. Add in the seeds and the oil. Make sure that you wash (with warm water and a natural soap) your tootsies to remove any dirt or debris. This will also soften any dead and callused skin. Once they are washed and lightly dried (not completely, you just need to make sure that they aren’t dripping wet), begin to use your scrub mixture. Be sure to get those heels, the ball of your feet and any other troublesome area. Once one tootsie os complete, rinse off in your soapy water and then dry.

Because we didn’t add any preservative to the mixture, I would only recommend using it once and discarding and leftovers. When you are in the process of placing your fingers in the jar to gather the scrub and then applying the mix and exfoliating your skin, you can add bacteria back into the scrub mix. This may cause bacteria to form, making your scrub mix unstable.

This scrub can be used on knees, elbows and any other part of the body where you may have dry skin. Enjoy!