Don’t Be Afraid to Lose Hair

I have seen so many women with damaged hair. Relaxed or natural, damage doesn’t discriminate! Its usually damaged at the ends. They’re thinner than the rest of the hair…dry looking and uneven.

Most women that I have seen could stand to lose an inch or two, or three but they hold on to that hair like its a part of them. I get it. We love our hair. Most of us are attached to it, whether we want to admit it or not. I, for one, didn’t realize how much of my “beauty” I had tied up in the length of my hair until I did the BC back in 2007. Even then, my hair was permed and a raggedy mess! A raggedy hot mess at that! But it was long. Everyone wanted my hair. NOT! I lost at least a hundred strands x3 per day. I don’t see how I wasn’t bald!

My sister in law had long hair. It was permed, and almost to her waist. Yes, I said was. She’s since cut it and rocks it short but, when it was long, it was LONG! One thing she lived by was, not being afraid to lose hair. Historically and genetically, she has never had long hair. No one in her family had long hair. In her adult age, she managed to grow her hair almost waist length. She found the secret! She would tell anyone…”I’m not afraid to lose hair.”

What does that mean? Well, she would faithfully get her hair professionally trimmed every 4-6 weeks. If that’s not enough, she would lose about 1/4″ every time! The crazy thing is, her hair would grow double what she lost! Talk about double for your trouble! LOL

We all know that if you don’t trim off split ends, they will split all of the way up and you will end up with an uneven head of damaged hair. My sister in law operated in preventive care and never had to venture off into damage control. We are always trying to preserve….telling the beautician “don’t trim that much”….”save me some hair.” If we keep a close watch on those ends and get over the fear of losing a little, we can begin to win the war of length retention!

So, my advice for the day….don’t be afraid to lose a little hair. It will grow back, healthy and your hair will thank you for it.