Hair Gadgets I Can’t Live Without


If I were trapped on a desert island, these are the essential items I would need to stay natural:

Exhibit A- Wide tooth comb- I need thee for the washing and detangling of my hair.

Exhibit B- Gigantic hair clips- These keep my hair out of the way when I wash. I have to section my hair into quadrants of four for washing/detangling.

Exhibit C- Black satin scarf- This keeps the edges right!

Exhibit D- Mini Goody clips- I keep these in my purse. If I want a quick updo or a classic pompadour style, these do the trick. Don’t mind the missing teeth. I get much usage out of these.

Exhibit E- Hair pins. Nuff said. You can never have too many of these. They make protective styling possible. People ask me all of the time…”How do you style your updos?” I simply reply….”Just grab & pin, grab & pin.”

Exhibit F- Good scissors. Not just any scissors but good ones. Ones that you only use to trim hair with. I trim often to conquer the battle of split ends and length preservation so good shears are an absolute must!

Exhibit G- Mini banana clip. My hair has become so massively thick that this is one of the only ways (besides pantyhose) that I can put my hair in a puff, ponytail or bun. Its sturdy, and you can combine more than one on your head at once for a mow-hawk or updo style.

Satin pillowcase (not pictured)

All of these items can be purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply or any comparable beauty supply store.

What are your can’t-live-without items?