Hair Vitamins- Do They Really Work?

There is a hair craze sweeping the natural hair community. There are celebrity endorsements everywhere and it is quickly becoming a multi-million dollar industry. I’m not talking about hair care products. I am speaking on the controversial topic of hair vitamins!

Now I will say this, once upon a time, I was in medical school. I took an entire course on the subject of Pharmacology, which is the study of medicine. We also learned about vitamins and minerals. I also took a course on the subject of Hematology. In Hematology, we studied the human blood and circulatory system. We learned about food, deficiencies, and diseases of the blood and how our dietary lifestyles effected our overall health.

Boys and girls, you’d be absolutely appalled at how many diseases we could eliminate if we just simply gave our bodies the proper nutrients it needs for natural cell production and repair.

First thing, what are vitamins in the form of pills? They are called dietary supplement. What is the definition of a supplement?

A supplement is something that is added to something else in order to make it complete.

What does this even mean? Think about it. If a supplement is used to add to something to make it complete, then a vitamin taken orally has compounds and properties that are added to your daily diet to supplement any deficiencies. Unfortunately, much of the food that we consume lacks a lot of the basic vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Food in its raw and untreated state is full of vitamins. When food is cooked and processed, it loses much of those vitamins. There is a heat point that most food is cooked to that vitamins cannot survive in. Most of the food we consume is so over processed that it lacks a lot of what we need.

Because of this, we take oral vitamins to act as a supplement. It gives our bodies what we are lacking from our basic food consumption.


There is a flip side to this also. If your body is not lacking in let’s say…iron, and you begin taking a vitamin that supplements iron, then Houston….we have a problem! When your body has too much iron, then you will suffer adverse effects from having too much iron in your system.

Now, I will admit…I have taken a hair vitamin or two before. I stopped, and here’s why. It wasn’t that it didn’t make the hair on my head grow. In fact, it made ALL of my hair grow. ALL of it.

I also suffered from bouts of acne. Why is this? Well, because the vitamins contained biotin. Why? Most women that suffer from hair loss or a lack of healthy hair growth usually have low levels of biotin. I did not, so when my body had too much biotin, I broke out with horrible acne. This is when I quit.

Truthfully, if you eat a good and balanced diet, and take a normal dietary supplement, you may not even need a hair vitamin unless you are suffering from a hair loss disease or you have experienced trauma that has caused significant hair loss. While vitamins are good for you, too much of even a good thing like vitamins can have an adverse effect on your body over a period of time.

Now I am NOT saying don’t take hair vitamins, but what I am saying is to consult with a physician before starting any dietary supplement. Your physician is able to conduct any blood work to see what your body is lacking and he/she can recommend what you can do to your overall lifestyle to achieve good health.