Heat Damage is Real

We will be doing a series over the next few weeks where we interview Rimmy Sparkles of Columbus, Ohio. She’s been in the hair stylist game for seven years and she knows her stuff!

I am very picky when it comes to my hair. What I do to it….who I let touch it…what I put in it. All of the above. I mean, why shouldn’t I be? Why shouldn’t you be? It’s not just hair! I beg to differ with those who approach anything in life that way. “Oh, its just this…and…Oh, it’s just that.” I would even go so far as to say that those with that way of thinking lack a real reverence and respect for anything of value! So with my hair, oh it’s not just hair! I take a lot of time every week….moisturizing it….detangling it….styling it…protecting it. I wouldn’t dare just put any old product in it. Or, just let any old beautician touch it. If you’re heavy handed- absolutely not!

Why am I being such a bear, you ask? Don’t worry. I’m not always a bear. I am just laying the foundation of my initial convo with Rimmy.

You see, Rimmy is not just any old beautician…any old stylist. She had me at:

“Don’t call me asking me to color your hair and I’ve never done your hair before. Spend time with me so that I can get to know your hair BEFORE you get any color. I will not color on the first date!”

Oh, is that not enough for you? Ok. Well how about she really had me at:

“It’s not just hair, it’s ministry. It’s a gift. It’s a talent. I am reshaping lives…”

Whooo!!! Do you hear the passion in that? How many stylists have you heard talk like that? Let me answer that for you…NONE!

Unfortunately, some stylists want just enough clientele to live. You know. To still do what they love (or what they’re good at), get paid, etc. But, how many can you say will tell you what you need to hear, in love? How many will be honest with you? How many will decline a service because it isn’t good for your hair?

I went into Rimmy’s studio on a bright sunny day to talk to her about the dangers of heat damage. You see, in Columbus, we have a pretty decent population of women who are relaxer free. Then we have another population of women who are actually natural.

YES!!! There IS a difference! Don’t worry. We’ll tackle that debate later. Anyhow, Rimmy recently posted a video on FB with a young lady vlogging about how she had gotten her hair straightened ONE TIME and her hair was permanently damaged from the heat. I knew then that I needed to get in tough with Rimmy to get her thoughts on the subject.

Let me say this…

I have a background in marketing and I can honestly say…advertisers will present a product to you telling you what they want you to believe about that product and what it does. Sometimes their claims are true and sometimes they’re not. Sad to say. There are products on the shelves of every beauty store in America claiming to be a protectant from heat. Do you know there is no such formula? Heating your hair above the proper heating temp WILL damage your hair…regardless of what the label claims.

See my interview below with Rimmy. You gotta love her matter of fact honesty.

rimmy sparkles

How serious is heat damage?
“People take it lightly but, heat damage does exists. No matter how much you protect and heat, you still stand the chances of heat damage. It’s a gamble. You never really know when damage will occur.”

What about those who straighten their hair on a regular basis?
“A (heat) touch up on dirty hair can also cause damage. Equate it to over starching jeans. You burn it in place…singed and compromised with dirt and product. You are burning over the same strands of hair over and over again. Constantly applying heat to your hair is old hair that you are burning over and over again.”

Why does your hair grow more when you aren’t straightening it?
“You can’t retain length by reheating hair and burning it. On your no-heat breaks, the hair will grow more because it’s less abusive.”

What are some ways you can stretch natural hair without heat?
“A few non-heat options for stretching natural hair are: rollers, banding, bantu knots and braids.”

Can hair damaged by heat revert back to its original state?
“You will eventually have to cut off damaged hair.”

What advice can you give concerning heat?
“There is no best of both worlds. Its not realistic. Your ultimate goal is to have healthy hair. You should try creating short term goals and long term goals. If you want big curly hair, the you’ll need to back off the heat.”

And there you have it folks! I’ll be featuring another interview where we discuss dealing with changes in your self image when going natural.