Here are 8 Important Things You Never Knew About Your Workout Shoes

One think we talk about a lot is that healthy hair comes from the inside out. You can have great products but your hair will ultimately respond to how you are treating your body.

Our hair responds to our water intake, our level of stress, what we eat, and how often (if ever) we exercise….just to name a few.

It is important that you make sure that any diet, supplement, or exercise regimen you decide to try, is done safely. Even something so simple as the age of the shoes we work out in can have an effect on our workout experience. Here are 8 things you never knew about your workout shoes:

  1. Weight lifters and those who engage in low impact cardio should plan on replacing their shoes about three times per year.*
  2. Runners need to replace shoes every 3-4 months.*
  3. Marathon runners need to replace sneakers every 2-3 months.*
  4. If you start to notice wear on the heal, on the tread of your shoe, or one side of the shoe, it can cause knee and hip issues/injuries.*
  5. It’s a good idea to have 2 pairs of workout shoes and alternate wearing them. Having more than one pair of shoes help shoes to recover in between workouts.*
  6. If you have lost a significant amount of weight, you may have to purchase smaller shoes that fit the new size of your foot.*
  7. Only wear your workout shoes only for exercise. Wearing them for any other occasion such as for casual, or fashion reasons will contribute to your shoes wearing out more quickly.*
  8. When you purchase shoes for working out, remember that they are an investment. You are investing in your health and your safety. Purchasing a good workout shoe can help to prevent injures associated with the support of your feet and ankles.*

This may sound like a lot but just think, you can always downgrade your shoes after they’ve exceeded the timeframe for working out. They can be paired with any cute outfit for a sporty, casual look!