How to Achieve a Dry Blowout

I’ve heard a lot of chatter about a dry blowout. I saw a picture on Instagram and had to give it a whirl. Honestly, I am not sure if I will do it again. I don’t like combing my 4 c hair dry. It makes me afraid. I don’t like being afraid. My hair likes to be left alone to do its own thing. This was a lot of work. Not really but, really.

Here is what you will need:

wide tooth comb tangle free pudding


1. Start out with dry semi-stretched hair. The more stretched the hair is, the better results you will achieve with your dry blow-out. Divide the hair into 4-6 sections. (two or four on each side of the head)


2. Moisturize the hair with a water based moisturizer. I used MILK + HONEY Tangle Free Pudding. It helped to comb through my hair since it was dry. I had very little shedding. Once moisturized, comb through each section of the hair (from the ends up) using a wide tooth.


3. Once the hair is combed through, begin twisting it tightly to prepare for a bantu knot. The tighter the twist, the more your hair will stretch. Be careful not to stress the scalp too much. If you feel scalp stress, you may need to loosen the twist and re-bantu knot.


Your bantu knot will resemble something like this.


This is the consistency of the MILK + HONEY Tangle Free Pudding. It contains Marshmallow Root with is awesome for detangling.


4. Allow the bantu knots to sit for at least 2 hours. My hair was still slightly damp from the Tangle Free Pudding so I did experience some shrinkage. The longer you allow the hair to sit, the more your hair will become stretched. Loosen each coil with your fingers and then proceed to pick out the hair with a pick or wide tooth comb. You will not be combing through each section as much because at this point, the hair is essentially dry. You will experience more breakage and hair snapping if you comb through the hair at this stage.


5. Dry blow out complete!

6. Take numerous selfies for your Instagram fans. Proceed to shake the hair and record 5 second snippets for Vine. #doitforthevine lol

comparison-wideHere is a comparison of my heat vs. no heat blowout. Even though I had more length with the heat blow out, I like the shape of the dry blow out more. The heat blow out is great for wearing the hair stretched over a period of time whereas the dry blow out is good for wearing a style or two. Like with any stretched style, you WILL have to keep up a regimen that will allow the hair to stay stretched. This may be braid outs, more bantu knot outs, twist outs, banding and or pineappling.