How to Eliminate Knots

For me, becoming natural has elevated the DIY in me. I’ve experimented with mixing essential oils, fixed oils, using raw ingredients, you name it! I have also played hair stylist and committed the crime of trimming my own ends.

Trimming Natural Hair

The sad part is…I thought I was doing a good job! I have been natural for seven years and until this April, I had never had a professional trim. I always “dusted” my hair after a wash. I didn’t have a set time period to do so. More like, whenever I felt like it. Or whenever I saw that my ends were looking scragally.

Trimming Natural Hair

Enter my first professional wash and trim! I knew that my hair needed a trim, just how much, was the mystery. I warned my stylist that my hair tangled badly and that I often had knots. She wasn’t moved in fear not one bit.

Thats when I became afraid! lol

She washed, thoroughly detangled and TRIMMED my hair. She trimmed an entire inch off of my hair. (I think it was more like 1 3/4″…but who’s counting? lol)

I was even bold with it. When I sat in her chair I mouthed off…”as much as you need to trim to eliminate my split ends…” Then I said, “you know what?…I’m lying…”

You know we can get attached to length. Or maybe its just me. I am the only one in the entire natural hair community who gets caught up on length. (yeah–no.)

Trimming Natural Hair

So, then there was the aftermath. My hair was just below mid back length before the trim (while stretched) and now it is right at it. The agony!!! But then again, I haven’t had any issues with tangling since the trim! Who would have guessed that a good trim would eliminate knots!

I have to admit, when she first mentioned this to me before she trimmed it…I believed her but I thought my hair was exceptional. See…I have dealt with knots My. Entire. Life.

Trimming Natural Hair

To not have to deal with them now is almost…too good to be true! So this I say, if you have 4b/4c hair…and you deal with 100% shrinkage…then you probably also deal with lots of knots and tangles. My advice to you….don’t skip out on getting your hair trimmed. And if you trim it yourself (please know what you are doing)…nevermind. Scratch that. Invest in getting a professional trim. Remember, it’s an investment because it adds value to your hair. Its not an expense. Expenses take away from what something is worth. Your hair will prosper if you invest in it. Investing doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a product junkie….but that’s another blog. (no offense…it’s a soapbox thing for me)

Happy trimming!

Trimming Natural Hair