My Crazy Obsession

I’ll admit…I love to switch things up. On that same note, not too much. I know that sounds like an oxymoron! Let’s put it like this, I have maybe 3-5 hairstyles that I vacillate between. That doesn’t sound like a lot for a chick that likes to be different but, for each style, I may have several variations of each hairstyle.

Make sense yet?

Enter Manic Panic. I dabbled with a few of their colors and I must say, I am well pleased with the way that my hair felt after the application. Now, I will say that I am absolutely TERRIFIED of lifting my natural hair color for a bolder dye job but, the subtle hints and hues of color that the dye adds, I am not one to complain!

Since my hair is super dark ( I can compare it to a 2b in braiding hair), my color never turns out like the color on the bottle. For example, last year, I used Hot Hot Pink, and the hue of my hair was a maroon color (only in the light). Loved it! I have also tried Infa Red and Purple Haze. I usually have to leave the dye on my hair for 4-6 hours. I know, I know, that’s a lot! But, rest assured, their product isn’t harsh at all. Its vegan and it leaves my hair uber soft!

That’s my crazy obsession. I plan on trying each one of these semi permanent colors. Yep. Yellow, orange, pink. The entire collection. I’ll post pics of my next application. I am thinking of trying Cotton Candy.

Happy Coloring!