Nail Candy Inspiration

Let me be the first to say…I by no means am a glam girl. No offense. I do however, like girly things in my own way. I came across something old, yet something new while browsing the web one day. You see, I have learned that with fashion, there is nothing new under the sun! Trends just seem to repeat over and over and over again.

Take metallic nails for instance. When I found these online, I was in love! In awe! I wanted! I coveted! They were the newest thing smokin’!…and then I had a flashback. A kindergarden flashback, at that, and I remembered a trend when adult women would rock gold fingernails. And not just any gold fingernails but, REAL gold fingernails. I’d never. Ever. I remember, as a child, going in my aunt’s jewelry box seeing one lonely sad nail. It still had the dried glob of glue on the back and everything.

She shall remain nameless. LOL. For obvious reasons. I wonder if she still has her gold nail. *blank stare*

Moving right along…

Women would go bananas when they lost a gold fingernail. I guess I would too. Or maybe not. Because I’d never wear a real gold nail. *another blank stare*

But this gold polish…can we talk about it? I absolutely love the metallic finish!

I’m not really into gold but, I’d most definitely work this! The red is so classy yet it gives that hint of allure. A red lip and a classic and simple style would tie this together nicely with almost any attire.

These bottles run about $15 each from what I’ve seen. If I decide to get a color and test it out, I’ll be sure to post pics.