Natural Hair Diaries: Jelise

What is your occupation?
Creative Director for Political Direct Mail Marketing Firm, Designer, Co-Founder for Project VOICE, Founder for One Me to Be, Founder for My Music is Major, Co-Owner of 7N1 Studio

How long have you been natural?
For about 9 years

Jelise's hair

What advice would you give to other naturals?
Don’t expect your hair to act like it did when you had chemicals in it. Your hair was meant to have it’s own personality and style. Learn it’s new personality.

MILK+HONEY_modelsWhat is your favorite MILK + HONEY product? Why?
Love hydrating my hair with Milk and Honey Hydrating Custard! Works wonders for the curls!

How is MILK + HONEY different from other products you may have used in the past?
This product doesn’t just say it’s all natural it actually is! My hair is in love with it and it doesn’t leave a film on my hair like other products do.

What is your favorite natural hair style?
It honestly just depends on the day. But you can never go wrong with a pin up style.



How has being natural changed your perception of beauty?
Being natural has opened my eyes to how beauty has been perceived in the past. I always wanted my hair to be perfectly straight and not a hair out place… That is not the case with natural hair. I realized true beauty is loving yourself for who you really are. Being natural and seeing others go through the process of becoming natural is revealing their true inner and outer beauty. Now, I embrace my curls, frizziness, and all the personality that my hair has to offer.

You can connect with Jelise online via Instagram. Stay tuned for more MILK + HONEY Natural Hair Diaries!