New season, new regimen

Its cooler out. Less humidity.

You may notice that your hair is requiring more attention….more moisture. More ugh! At least for me. My hair tangles from all angles so, I have to make sure that not only am I adding sufficient moisture, but that I am keeping my ends protected. Nothing worse than fall and winter breakage, right?!

For my 4a, b, c, d, e, f, g hair, I have to moisturize my hair almost every day! I use the Curl Delight Mist along with either the Honey Butter or the Hydrating Hair Custard to coat & seal my hair. I choose a moisturizer based on how I am wearing my hair. If I am stretching my hair, I use the Honey Butter, since it isn’t water based. If I am creating a style that requires a braid out or twist out texture to make it pop, then I use my beloved Custard.

I also co-wash my hair versus shampooing it. Another added factor is using my trusty satin pillowcase to prevent extra dryness. When I go to bed at night, I either two strand twist my hair into 6-8 fat twists or I loosely bantu knot it to keep it stretched. More stretch, less tangles, I always say!

Updos, updos, updos are my friend! Chunky sweaters are adorable and let’s not forget scarves. It would be a tragedy if my hair fell victim to breakage due to my hair rubbing against those harsh fabrics!

Do you find that in cooler weather, that you have to wash more? Moisturize more? Set it differently?