Quick and Easy Roller-Set Style

It’s summer! What does that mean for my super thick natural hair? It means that every style I wear has one goal in mind. That goal is to bow and submit to shrinkage and every other hair woe that is caused by summer heat, sporadic rain and humidity. I spent so many years trying to go against the powers that be and force my hair to do the opposite of what it’s normal response is, in those conditions. Alas, I have surrendered. I’ve seen products in stores that make promises of preventing shrinkage but, meh. My hair loves me more when I let it “do what it does.” *sigh*

So by accident, I found a new style (new for me, anyway) that I absolutely love. It’s cute and can be achieved overnight.

Heres what I used:

Curl Delight Mist and Moisturizing Hair Butter
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For hydration and definition/somewhat hold, I used my favorite combo of Curl Delight Mist and Moisturizing Hair Butter. I only applied a dime sized amount of the Hair Butter to a small section of the hair and then I spritzed it with the Curl Delight Mist. This made my hair a little damp so that it would develop hold/shape/and texture overnight while it dried.
perm rods I used a combination of perm rods and satin foam rollers to roll my two strand twisted hair (satin rollers not pictured here).

two strand twist roller set I divided my hair into small sections, one at a time. I applied my moisturizers and then twisted and rolled my hair. I made sure that I rolled and secured the hair as tight as possible so that I could have a nice curl when I took them down.

two strand twist roller set

Overall, I had about 18-28 individual rollers in my head. This was a combo of the satin rollers and the perm rods. I had to use both because I didn’t have enough of each. You can see the black satin rollers in the back.

two strand twist roller set Look at that shine! This was the texture of my hair when I started to take the rollers out. I noticed that the satin rollers provided more of a tighter curl. The two twists to the right of the above pic were rolled with my satin rollers vs. the longest twist near my thumb which was rolled with a perm rod. I will definitely go back and purchase more of the satin rollers. There are so many styles that I want to try with them. I loved the fact that they were soft, and I was able to sleep well with them. The perm rods are another story for another day lol.

two strand twist roller setThe final result. I loved it. I received tons of compliments. Even on day 4 hair! I was able to wear my satin bonnet at night and just “fluff” my hair in the mornings. I wore my hair for about 3-4 days before I re-twisted. My hair stayed moisturized in between twists. This is definitely a staple for me!

two strand twist roller setThis style definitely made me want to get my hair trimmed. Nothing drastic. I just think that if i had some shape cut into my hair, this style would be even more flattering and look more full. I’m smitten for this simple and cute style!