Semi-Straight Enjoyment

So…I had a photoshoot the other week with the MILK + HONEY models. We had lots of fun! I decided to somewhat straighten my hair for optimum length. Because of my curl pattern, My hair shrinks up to bob length. Seriously. I mean like, stretched, my hair is mid back length, just passed my bra strap. In it’s shrunken form, it’s just below my ear. -__-

Some things you just learn to work with! Anyhow, back to the shoot. I washed my hair and allowed it to set in bantu knots overnight. The next day, my hair was still slightly damp. I also notice that whenever I wet set my hair, it feels molded and not fluffy for the first couple of days. This time, I used my ceramic dryer and used a shingling-like effect to dry it.

Once it was dry enough, I used my chi to semi straighten it. I didn’t want my hair to be bone straight so, I lightly went over each section. It almost looked like I had a good blowout instead of it being straightened.

Here are the results.

I used the Honey Butter for moisture because I didn’t want a water based moisturizer to bring my texture back.

Here are a couple of other photos of me enjoying the semi-straightness. I’ve always been an advocate for heat free styling but, I don’t know guys. I may have to straighten more often. One good thing about my chi is that it’s maximum heat is 250 degrees. Hope that makes my hair less prone to heat damage. :/

Happy styling!