Something New

If you are on our mailing list…then you know that we announced yesterday…that we’re changing our name. (the …’s are supposed to add suspense) Typically, when a person changes their name, they take on a new identity. The old name is no longer an accurate representation of who they’ve become. Or, maybe they have some really awkward name, they hate it and want it changed.

Truth is, we loved MILK + HONEY. Still do. We’ve grown so much as a brand since our early days on Etsy back in 2009. We are establishing our footprint in the natural hair world and we knew the time had come upon us. The name MILK + HONEY was to signify that our products were healthy, they were natural, and made with quality ingredients. This still remains true today however, there was a piece missing from us having a brand name that accurately expressed our identity.

As of May 1st, we are officially changing our name.

In addition to changing our name, we’ve rebranded our packaging. We are also offering larger product sizes with lower pricing for our customers.

We’ve been tirelessly working to enhance each product to make them even more effective for type 4 curlies. We have a few more exciting enhancements up our sleeves and we are thankful for all of our faithful customers who have been committed to rocking with us from the very beginning.

Stay tuned, lovelies. This is just the beginning!