Texture Discrimination

The textbook definition of discrimination is:

the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

I believe that knowing your hair type will help you find the right products, techniques, and to have the right regimen in place for you hair to thrive.

However, hair typing can be a taboo subject in the natural hair community, depending on who you ask.

I say, if the hair typing system was truly a system steeped in discrimination, then the system would enforce the unfair or unjust treatment of women, because of their specific hair type. Now, there may in fact be traces of discrimination in the natural hair community but, this discrimination does not stem from the typing system itself.

In other words, those “issues” we see are not generated by the system that was created to help educate women about their hair.

Discrimination comes from one’s belief that one hair texture is superior or inferior to another for whatever reason.

Knowing your specific hair type will empower you to have realistic expectations for your hair. I will cover realistic expectations in another video. I think unrealistic expectations are a large portion of why we see some who are not happy with their natural hair, in general.

I can tell you that from when I was in medical school, that in parallel, we can look at the blood typing system in a similar way.

The importance of knowing your blood type is to prevent the risk of you receiving an incompatible blood type at a time of need, such as during a blood transfusion or during surgery. If two different blood types are mixed, it can lead to a clumping of blood cells that can be potentially fatal. Knowing your blood type is life saving!

In addition to knowing your blood type being life saving, this knowledge can also help you to choose the right diet. One of my professors taught about the different blood types, their makeup and how each blood type aided the body in the digestion of food. Did you know that there are specific foods that break down better with specific blood types? If you are one who has struggled to find the right diet, I would challenge you to begin doing some research on foods that are best for your blood type. You may, in fact, be eating the very foods that are the root cause of fatigue, excessive hair shedding, skin problems, and stubborn weight loss.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Type A blood is better that Type O Positive, or that any blood type is inferior or superior to another. Although they are different, each is sufficient. Each blood type comes with its own set of diseases that one may be susceptible to, but that doesn’t make any one any better. Knowing your type can empower you to make better preventive health choices because you are more knowledgeable of what your body needs.

The hair typing system is no different!

No one texture is any better than another. One texture may reflect more light and shine more but that doesn’t make it better than the texture that doesn’t reflect as much light or may appear “dull” in appearance. One texture may have a looser curl pattern. A looser curl pattern is not better than a pattern that leans more to the coily side. Hair that absorbs more moisture isn’t better than hair that is resistant to moisture.

Each texture is beautiful and has its own set of challenges. Knowing what category you fall within can only help you to be more informed on what your hair needs, and how it responds.

If I am watching a youtube tutorial with someone who has type 2 hair, I cannot look at the products that she uses and look at her results and expect that I will have the same outcome. I also should note that since her texture is different than mine, then I can’t expect that my hair will respond in the same manner to the products that she is using. (sorry…I stepped back into realistic/unrealistic expectations.)

If I know my hair type, density, porosity, etc, then I am more empowered to growing and maintaining healthy hair. I can choose the products that have the best ingredient, concentration, and consistency for my hair, and my hair will be happy.

What do you think? Are you for or against the typing system? We want to hear from you!