Texture Discrimination: Heated Discussions

We’ve been discussing texture discrimination this week, and we’ve heard lots of really valid points as to why this issue still exists. Depending on who you ask, there are many factors that can contribute to this division. People have stated everything from skin tone to preference as reasons women in the natural hair community experience discrimination. Even though there are many varying opinions as to why we have to deal with this heartbreaking issue, one factor still stands. We need a resolution. The challenge seems to stem from there being an additional divide.

On one hand, we have women that believe this issue exists, and that it’s alive and well within our community. Then you have those who deny it’s existence all together. There’s another segment of women who don’t care, either way, and are tired of even hearing about it. Then, you even have some who chalk it all up to one’s preference.

Diving deeper into the issue, I see multiple layers.

How do we address something that others aren’t willing to see as real? This is an age old debate and let me tell you, it doesn’t start and stop at hair texture. This mindset can be seen rampant across all cultures and it affects us all on some level. We’ve experienced this “denial phenomenon” with sexism and racism. We have had issues bringing in workable solutions because there are a great percentage of people who deny these issues even exist. How do you have the discussions about these heated subject matters, when you can’t get half of the people at the table to agree, listen, acknowledge, and even have sound conversation without making the discussion about feelings vs facts?

What about those who don’t care either way? How do you have a discussion with those who don’t want to have the discussion?

We have a ways to go but we can get there, if we are willing to have these conversations. We are a community full of resilience and our unity can only grow if we can celebrate one another and have the difficult conversations.

I want to invite you to chime in on our Facebook. We will continue discussing this topic throughout the week. I’d love to hear your thoughts on texture discrimination and the hair typing system in the natural hair community.