The Co-Wash Controversy

washing hair
Have you ever…..co washed????

If you have, join the club! Maybe the question is not have you tried it but, did you like it? I have done it a time or two. I find that for me, when I did do it, it was better with your Pantene’s and the likes. I think their conditioners may have SLS or something similar in it because I never had build up and my hair was fairly clean. Now that I am on organic mode, I notice a little build up still remaining in my hair after I’ve attempted to co wash.

For those that may be unfamiliar with co washing, it’s quite simple. It involves only washing your hair with conditioner. No shampoo.

I’m not here to take sides. I have no preference. I say do what works. However, I’ve seen chatter online amongst us fellow naturals regarding the pros and cons to co washing. I’ve heard everything from, its leaves build up to it doesn’t completely get your hair clean.

The idea behind co washing is…we all know that shampoo strips and conditioner well….conditions. By only washing you hair with conditioner, you are constantly conditioning your hair and not allowing shampoos to strip the hair. We need moisture and shampoo removes it hence the necessity of a conditioner.

Still with me?


What are your thoughts on co washing? Yay? Nay? Neither?