The Pineapple Method

If you are a part of the type 4 hair family, then you know that it is an absolute necessity to keep natural hair stretched. Stretching your hair not only is a tactic that can be used to combat tangles but it is also a way that you can preserve your hair style.

Pineappling got its name because of how the hair looks when this method is being used. A pineapple’s outward appearance is textured and it seemingly has bands or straps that give it a unique look. The top of the pineapple is where the leaves are sprouted. Much like our hair, when we use this method for stretching, we wrap our head with a scarf or scarves and our hair sprouts from the top.

Pineappling is great because it helps to prevent frizzing that can occur overnight, while sleeping. If you are wearing a style where the hair is textured and out, such as a puff, braidout or twistout, then the pineapple method may be the thing for you.

Here’s how you pineapple.

Step 1. Before bed, grab your favorite satin scarf, or two. (I say two because you may need more than one depending on the amount of hair and the type of style you want to preserve. Use your favorite non water based moisturizer, such as a jojoba oil, castor oil or almond oil and pour it into the palm of your hands. (I recommend a non water based moisturizer such as moisturizing hair butter so that your hair will not be tempted to shrink.) Rub your hands together. Using a crunching like motion, gently apply the oil to your hair, covering as much as possible. This will prevent your hair from drying out.

Step 2. Wrap the scarf around your head and neatly tuck. Be sure that all of the rest of the hair is sticking out from the top. It may also help to bend over so that your hair will fall forward before wrapping it with the scarf. You may even have to manipulate the hair gently with your fingers to ensure that everything is in the right position. If needed, you can reinforce with another satin scarf.

Step 3. This step is optional. I sometimes place a satin bonnet over the hair thats sticking out at the top. I’m what you call a “rough sleeper” and I don’t trust myself leaving any amount of hair exposed. Repeat this method every night until its time to restyle.

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