This Love/Hate Relationship

Sometimes I love twist outs, sometimes nah. On this day, for some reason, my twist out was extra spectacular. My hairstyles can be rather unpredictable. One one day they’ll turn our perfect, then another, it’ll be meh.

I notice that my hair can respond one of two ways with twistouts. Either I will have lots of body and definition, or I will have lot’s of definition and no body.

When I apply too much product, twist on wet/damp hair, or hair that hasn’t been previously stretched, my hair holds the definition very well but because of my type 4 high shrinkage levels, I lack body. So, I’ll have stiff acting defined twists.  I literally go from actual waist length hair to hair just barely touching my collarbone.

This time however, I had my hair stretched from a previous blowout. I used very light product (Tangle Free Pudding + Moisturizing Hair Butter) and I twisted my hair in 13 fat twists, and applied my satin bonnet.

twists 4c hair

I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out but the next day, I was pleasantly surprised! My hair was fab! On all accounts! There is a natural hair checklist of things that a perfect twistout must have and my hair had them all! 

I had:

  • Body
  • Definition
  • Sheen
  • A great balance between length and shrinkage to make a great overall hair shape

Never had I ever! I’m usually a braidout gal but this last twisout definitely changed somethings. I am learning that sometimes, it’s all about the external factors that can make or break a hairstyle. Weather, humidity, dirtiness of hair, products, etc. I had allowed these factors to cause me to totally shun a potentially cute hairstyle. Now that I know better, I’ll have to incorporate more twistouts to my regimen.

So sway, tell me, what style have you had a love/hate relationship with?