To Wash or Not to Wash? That is the Question.


Truthfully. How often should you wash your hair? Some say daily. Some weekly. Some even say monthly. With so many hair care regimens floating around the net, how do we know the right answer?

For someone who may be new to being natural, they may check out vloggers on Youtube, Instagram or some other website that lists a “how to” tutorial on how that individual takes care of their hair. Most regimens are extremely detailed. Naturalistas will tell you what product they use to slick down their edges, what they use as a sealant, to pre poo, detangle, wash n go, twist, braid, blowdry, flat iron. You name it! Some will say that they wash their hair daily with such and so shampoo. Some even say shampoo is the devil, and they only believe in co washing. While I am not saying that you should disregard everything you’ve been told about how often you should wash your natural hair, you should probably…..disregard everything you’ve ever been told about how often you should wash your natural hair. Yep. I said it! I am not here to make enemies but I am here to encourage everyone to find what works for YOUR specific hair. This will require some…let’s say…being honest with yourself.

What? Honesty, you say? What in the world does being honest have to do with how often I should wash my natural hair? EVERYTHING! Honesty with yourself has everything to do with how you care for your natural hair. Why? Simple. Because if you are honest with how your hair behaves, how it responds, and how it looks, you will save yourself lots of frustration and money! We often get frustrated and obsessed  with things we can’t control and politely ignore things we have complete control over.

Case and point.

Are you, or have you ever questioned the growth rate of your hair? Why it shrinks so much? Or why you can’t find product that will force your hair to hold a curl pattern ?

You can only work WITH these things and you can’t control them. Don’t worry, I’ll get to washing you hair in a minute. I just wanted to shed some light on crucial things that will help you to answer your hair washing questions.

Ok, so maybe you haven’t obsessed over those things. But, have you ever noticed that your hair sheds a lot when you style it certain ways? Or, notice product build up in your hair when using your favorite moisturizer? Has your curl pattern “loosened” because you’ve flat ironed it? Have you noticed lots of fairy knots and breakage yet, you haven’t switched up anything to your regimen to potentially alleviate any of these “cries for help?”

Yes, if you have experienced any of these symptoms, your hair is crying for help! Listen to it! If you wash your hair 2-3 times per week, and its breaking and shedding like crazy, then maybe 2-3 times per week is too much. Maybe you should try once a week. If that doesn’t change, then maybe try every other week.

There is not a right or wrong answer to how often you should wash your hair. Listen to your hair. It will tell you if you are washing too much or too little.

Does your hair break really easy? Does it feel brittle or look “dingy?” Scratch your scalp. Go ahead. Scratch it. Now, do the finger test. Yes. I am asking you to look under your nail. Is there build up? It is smelly? If so, then guess what? Its time for a wash day! Yaaaay!

All in all. Have fun with it. Don’t allow what someone else says works for their hair to make you feel obligated to do the same thing. Be honest with yourself. We all find hair crushes and hair twins online and we follow them and mimic their regimens to a T. I’m completely guilty of this. Truthfully, unless you see a person face to face and actually get to feel and know their hair, you don’t really know if that person has the same texture as yours.

To wash or not to wash? You be the judge. What is your hair saying to YOU?