Too Much Shedding with Your Denman?

Have you ever used a Denman Brush? Have you even heard of one? Well, its a very common detangler in the natural hair community. It’s also known to help with curl pattern definition when used.

I’ve had my Denman Brush since I first went natural in 2007. I noticed that when I used my brush, I had more shedding than usual. A lot more. A friend of mine recommended that I remove every other row of bristles. She said that it would cut down on the amount that my hair shed when I used it.

I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, this made my Denman Brush useless. The remaining rows of bristles were so flimsy, that they bent each time I tried to brush my hair. UGH.

Back to finger detangling and using my wide tooth comb. I thought I’d try one more time at this Denman thing. *long drawn out sigh*

Anyhow, here are the step by step pics. Hope this works to cut back on shedding for you. Happy detangling!