Train Your Edges


Someone asked me what I use to keep my edges slicked down. This was a surprise to me, you see. My hair, particularly my edges, can be unruly and rebellious. I used to have a method of getting my hair to stay slicked down around the edges when I would wear a puff or similar style.

Here’s what I used to do:

Step 1- Spritz with water. I used to keep peppermint infused water in a purple spray bottle that I would use to dampen my edges and kitchen. When I was being extra lazy, I’d just cup my hands, run sink water in them and then toss what was left onto my hair. This would make me sweat water (as it dripped down my face) so I definitely preferred the spritz bottle method. I just didn’t like smelling like peppermint. BTW, I used the peppermint to act as a preservative to prevent my water from becoming moldy.

Step 2- Apply moisturizer around the perimeter of the head.  This, in my mind, would prevent any flaking. In my geniusnesses, I figured…gel flakes so….if I add a moisturizer, it will prevent flak-age. Hmpf. Honestly…it depends on the gel. Crappier gel will leave flakes, regardless. I started using IC Fantasia gel, which is awesome, BTW. Never drying or leaving flakes. It smelled nice too!

Step 3- Apply gel to the perimeter of the head.

Step 4- Brush hair into place.

Step 5- Tie black satin scarf around the perimeter of the (my) head for approximately 20 minutes. Not a minute longer lest I suffer a migrane.

What? Really Tash? Fiiiiiive steps! *in my Dru Hill voice* What? You don’t know who Dru Hill is? Did I just give my age away?

Yes! Five steps! All for some slicked edges. Man, please! Who has time for that? Not I! So, I discovered another, cheaper way. On accident, I must add.

Ok, so, I was like, out of gel and my hair was extremely dirty. Like, it won’t stretch dirty. Like, it won’t style dirty. Like, stiff dirty. Like, slightly smelled dirty. I had to leave. What to do? What to do? I brushed my hair into a puff. Added moisturizer to my edges, tied on my satin scarf, hopped in the shower, got dressed, and took off the scarf before I left the house.

*insert victorious horns here*

It worked! Slicked down! Like yes!

I have even begun wearing the scarf on my hair at night if I am going to be wearing a style that requires slick and smooth edges. Since I have been doing this for some time, I have trained my edges to lay flat. Yes, your edges CAN be trained. It takes time and patience. Now, my edges lay flat with just a light moisturizer and tying my hair with the scarf for about 10 minutes.

Give it a try and tell me your thoughts. Happy training!