Updo’s Keep It Classy

Ok. I will admit. I am totally obsessed with updos. Talk about a low manipulation, easy to manage, versatile hairstyle. I hate hair on my face and or neck. My skin is already super oily, and the nuisance of having my thick and heavy hair constantly touching it makes me cringe.

Don’t get me wrong, I love twistouts. But, since my curl, or coil pattern, is so tight, my hair shrivels up to a bob within an hour or two. Annoying.

So, back to glamorous updos! I get a lot of questions about how I achieve certain styles. Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason. I simply live by the motto….grab and pin. Grab and pin. Did you get that? Grab and pin!

I  moisturize my hair and it do what it does best. I probably should invest more time into creating Youtube tutorials on how I style my hair. *sigh*

What are some of your favorite updo styles? Post pics to Instagram and tag #milkandhoneyhair!

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