Velaterapia: The Hot New Brazilian Hair Treatment


Have you heard of it? No? Well, its the next greatest hair treatment among Brazilian women. You may be familiar with the Keratin straightening treatment that has made its way to the US and has become very popular, I might add.

I came across Velaterapia earlier today and once I watched a video tutorial of it, I just about fainted. Now, I am not one to say whether this treatment works or not but what I will say is….no one, and I repeat NO ONE is getting within five, no..ten feet of my hair with an open flame. I don’t know. Something just makes me think that no good thing could ever come of that.

Now, I have had a flame on my hair before but just let me clarify. The flame wasn’t on my actual hair It was used to eliminate the “fly-aways” of the Kanekalon hair that was used to braid my hair. I remember seeing the plastic-like hair bubble up and mend/melt together to close the ends of my extensions. And then there was the smell. Good-ness! Tell me you remember that horrid stench of burnt synthetic hair?

So, you can imagine my shock and slight horror, with a touch of curiosity when I saw this video.

Let me clarify what a Velaterapia treatment is. A Velaterapia treatment is done to eliminate split ends. The flame of supposed to open up the hair cuticle and rid tresses of any split or dead ends. The actual burning of the hair causes the split ends to “stick out.” Once the split ends are burned, then they are trimmed.

Here is what scares me. See this pic below? See the bubbled ends that “stick out”? Does that not make you a little nervous? Now, I am not doubting that the treatment works. Brazilian women are known for having long, thick, beautiful hair. My question is, at what cost?

velaterapia close up

There has to be dangers associated with this new trend. We all see women everyday who appear to have beautiful hair because it looks thick or shiny but, with there being so many synthetic products on the market that mimic moisturization, who’s to say if what we see is the reality of the state of their hair?

Check out the video of an actual Velaterapia process. Let me know your thoughts.