Welcome to MILK + HONEY

Hello everyone! My name is Tasha and I am the Founder/CEO of  The Barefruit Company. We have recently embarked on a journey to create a new natural hair care collection! I’d like to introduce MILK + HONEY. I have been natural for over 5 years and throughout my journey, I have tried many great products. My hair texture is extremely coarse, and coily. Not too much of a curl pattern here. Mostly an “S” pattern. Let’s not forget that my hair gets super tangled and craves moisturization!

 I have tried just about every product that you can think of. I by no means would label myself a product junkie but, I had been trying to find the right products that moisturize, strengthen and cleanse my coily and tangle-prone mane. I would use products that were either too sticky, too light, wouldn’t provide enough moisture, or ones that would create those neat little product balls in my hair. You name it!

Insert MILK + HONEY. I have formulated a collection of products that will hydrate and moisturize more of a coily hair texture. Our hair seems to thrive on lots of love, attention, the right moisturizers, and a healthy diet.

I have learned many things in the past years. Through my trials and errors, my desire is to help and educate women with a similar hair texture to grow healthy tresses. Follow us at MILK + HONEY as we strive to maintain, grow and educate ourselves on our natural hair.