What Organizing Your Space Can Do For Your Emotions

Have you noticed?

When your space is cluttered and a bit (or a lot) of a mess, it can have an effect on you emotionally. Go ahead and Google it! Now I am not going to inundate you with a bunch of scientific facts and results from research studies (at least for today) but I am going to let you in my business and share a little of my personal experience.

I have noticed that when I am feeling less like myself down and discouraged that I can almost always point out that my living space isn’t on parr. Now, I am not saying that we all have to be super neat all of the time, but I am saying that when your living space is cluttery, it can be correlated to having a scattered mind, a lack of motivation, and or depression. *gasp*

I notice that when I do a good deep clean, or simply implement the self discipline of maintaining a clean space, I am at my happiest. I am at my peak of productivity. I. Am. Me.

Interestingly enough, there are studies that support the theory that those who can maintain a clean and organized space are:

  1. more punctual
  2. better at time management
  3. overall, more happy

I know, I know…I said no facts but, I couldn’t resist. 

So here’s my challenge…

Maybe you’re not the most organized person. That’s ok. Nether am I. The entrepreneur life of having to track gas mileage, organize business receipts, replying to emails, keeping meetings, etc, has further fueled my difficulty to live a life thats perfectly in order and Instagram/Pinterest worthy. Not to mention, I am an artist, so having art supplies, fabric, paint, and other miscellaneous experimental things are forever scattered amidst my little studio office. A creative mind doesn’t help my case….but, it’s not an excuse either!

Ok, so back to this challenge. Try it with me for a month. Let’s commit to being #teamorganization. It doesn’t have to be your whole life. Just pick something. Maybe a purse, for example. Or, the cabinet with your dishes in it…your makeup bag….your closet. It could be anything! Once you’ve picked one thing to organize, do your very bestest to maintain the organization for 30 days. If it takes 20 something days to form a habit, we will overcome 20 with 30. We will start on 8/7. Let’s check in every week to see how we are doing. Together, we can become happier by decluttering our lives one thing at a time!