What You Need to Consider Before Adding Chia Seeds to Your Diet

Chia seeds are a hot new trend among healthy eaters. With the tons of beneficial nutrients that these tiny seeds pack, anyone can see why they are all the craze. Their nutty taste gives them the ability to be used in various recipes. Chia seeds can be added to any dish from baked chicken to fruit smoothies and bowls. They can even be used as a garnish to your favorite dish by sprinkling seeds to oatmeal, steamed veggies, and fruit bowls.

Because chia seeds are, well, seeds, it can be difficult for our digestive systems to break down these tiny seeds by simply chewing and swallowing them as they are. It is recommended, for one to be able to absorb all of the nutrients, to soak chia seeds in water in order to make them easier to digest.

So now we know that once chia seeds are soaked in water, they become softer. Soaking the seeds in water makes each seed absorb water, which can cause them to be hydrating. Even though chia seeds can taste nutty, you may want to refrain from eating them in their raw state like you would eat nuts. If in water, chia seeds change composition by absorbing the water they are submersed in, they can only respond the same way in your digestive system. It is highly recommended that you drink lots of water when adding chia seeds to your diet. This can prevent any dehydration by consuming these yummy and nutritious seeds.

What ways have you chosen to add chia seeds to your diet? We’d love to know!