When Humidity Strikes!

There’s one thing that all naturals have in common. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all heard of it. We’ve all been victim to it.


Shrinkage is one of those things that you can handle one of two ways.

  1. Learn to embrace it and “go with the flow.”
  2. Hate it and dub it your nemesis. Use ninja like moves to dodge pools and terrential downpours. Spend countless dollars trying to find that one product that promises to win the bloody battle of shrinkage and end world hunger.

Most of us have nestled somewhere in between hating it but surrendering to its powers at the same time.

I did some traveling this summer. Let me share with you…I’ve learned that all humidity is not created equal. The humidity we deal with in the midwest has absolutely no comparison to the heat and humidity that plagues the south. I have a whole new respect for any natural who lives in the following states: Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, and South Carolina. The level of humidity down there is almost unbearable.

There were times that I could literally feel my hair shrinking. I would walk from my hotel room to my car, and my shoulder-length twist out would instantly become an ear-length fro-like bob thingy.

We all know what overly shrunken hair means.

  1. Hair will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, tangle in the worst way.
  2. It will also feel damp and gross.
  3. Somehow, it will begin to attract more particles and dirt from the air, which will need to be washed more often.
  4. Shrunken tresses can take you from “feeling yourself” to wanting to “bum it” and avoid any #usie or group selfie photo session.

So naturalistas, what do you do when humidity strikes? Here are a few suggestions that I have for you that will make your natural journey just a tad bit easier.

  1. Do you ever wear a puff thats been secured with a panty-hose leg? Keep one of these on hand in the event of a humidity emergency. Puff’s are a quick, easy, and versatile style that will go with just about any outfit and occasion.
  2. Keep a bag of extra hair pins to create on the spot updos that will salvage almost any shrunken braidout or twistout.
  3. It’s also a good idea to have a few hair accessories on hand to choose from such as banana clips or hair clips.
  4. Hats won’t fail you either….unless your hair is too big. (raises hand.)

Battles with shrinkage are inevitable. You can, however, make your journey a little less hostile by adding a few of these suggestions to your arsenal.