Why My Flexirod Set Was a FAIL

I recently went to Sally Beauty in search for some flexirods. I had  been eye balling a few styles online but I wasn’t able to find many pics of women with type 4 natural hair. 

I washed my hair and blow dried it because I wanted a loose and full look. Off to Sally Beauty I went. Lucky for me, there was a buy three get one free sale. I purchased 4 packs and took them on my trip with me. I was leaving town and wanted to be extra fly.

It’s always our hope that when we travel for something special, that we look extra cute. I had it all planned out in my head, of how my hair would turn out. What I didn’t account for was the weather.

I traveled to northern Ohio for the Bloggy Conference that I’d be speaking at. I purchased a vintage inspired purple dress and I just knew that my hairstyle would be a great compliment. The weather on Lake Erie is rather unpredictable. It can be summer one minute, rainy the next, and then the temps can drop to the low 60s without warning. What I didn’t consider was humidity. The arch nemesis of all naturals.

While I was in my hotel room, I set up my tripod and camera to film the process. I rolled up my hair and added a bit of moisture, because my hair was starting to feel dry. I used Tangle Free Pudding and Moisturuzing Hair Butter in which I applied a small amount to each section. I watched several YouTube videos so that I would have the rhythm down on how to roll my hair.

After about 30 minutes, I had this.

I tied it up as best as I could, then I went to bed. One thing I didn’t find online, was HOW HARD FLEXIRODS ARE TO SLEEP IN. I was definitely #teamnosleep. I woke up every 20 minutes for sure, repositioning myself and readjusting my pillows. I felt like Craig’s sister on Friday at the beginning of the movie when there was a clip of her sleeping with her head resting on her hand, to prevent her from ruining her hair.

Anyway, I woke up the next day and began the takedown. I should have payed attention to the weather but I didn’t. Looking outside, I saw the overcast and just assumed there’d be rain. Cool. No problem. The conference was indoors anyways so, I wasn’t afraid of any punk-rain. What I didn’t account for was humidity. The assain of all things natural hair. The ruiner of stretched styles. Humidity is such a hater. It’s very petty.

When I got dressed, my hair IMMEDIATELY began to shrink. Dampness was in the air and it was taking no prisoners. Just to make things worse, the breakout sessions for the conference were broken up between two buildings. So I ended up having to walk outside anyways.

I ended up checking my weather app and saw that the humidity was 95%! But why?!

Humidity, why won’t you let me be great?  Anyhow, this is how I ended up. I just decided to put it up after I realized that I was fighting an inevitable battle. The humidity made my flexirod set fail. I will not be posting a video this time lovelies. I’ll try again once I’m back to a city that has NORMAL HUMIDITY LEVELS. 

It was so bad, I just decided to make the best of it. Humidity=1 Tasha=0

What do you do when your natural style fails you?