Meet Tasha Branham

Oh hey! I'm Tasha Branham, and for as long as I can remember, I have loved making things. I am a wife, mom, and serial entrepreneur. I started my first business back the early 2000's as a single mom, when my now teenage boys were just babies. I now refer to myself as a CCO, or what I'd like to call, a Chief Creative Officer. I make everything from hair care products to apparel, and I love watching an idea flourish with each step of my creative process.
You may have heard of me through Natural Smitten. Back in 2007, I shaved all of my relaxed hair off, and began the journey of growing out my naturally coily hair.

I had no idea how that one decision would change my life forever. I didn't realize how much of my own perceptions of beauty were tied up in my relaxed hair. My natural hair journey took me through a path of rediscovering art, and it helped me to love the way God created me.  

I have always been a peculiar one. The fashion and colors I am drawn to are usually things that aren't popular, catchy, or trendy. I decided late last year that I would do something different. I decided to create a place for everything I make with my hands. Each item on my site is made to order, in smaller batches and quantities. I create with love for the whimsical creative. ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿